FZ300 Multi Parameter monitor & Controllers


The FZ200 measuring system is a compact unit for measurement, storage and transmission of parameters in laboratories and pilot plant stations.




 Dissolved oxygen

 Redox potential (ORP)







 Carbon dioxide




Analog inputs


Alarm relay -  adjustable high-low points

Analog output 4…20 mA and programmable

RS 485 communication

Data logger

USB interface





ROC-200 Reverse Osmosis Controller


The FZ-200 Reverse Osmosis Controller is designed to control and monitor the operating parameters of a reverse osmosis water purification system.



Conductivity Monitor

Three Modes of Operation: Stand-by, Tank Feed, and Direct Feed

Tank Full Shutdown

Inlet Valve Control

Pump Control

Low Feed Pressure Sensing

High Pressure Sensing

Auto flush with Adjustable Flush Time